Press Articles

Press Articles

Female Focus100% Construction, 100% Satisfaction

1st Sept 2012

100% Plumbing is well known to many people as a plumbing company that values efficiency, friendliness, professionalism and value for money. It sometimes comes as a surprise that there’s a lot more to the 100% people than you might be aware of.

100% Construction  and 100% Gas Tanks are part of the 100% Plumbing group, run by the same team which hold dear these values. 100% Construction offer a full range of building services including small jobs, bathroom refurbs and even complete house build projects and large reforms.  The development of the construction side of the business was a natural progression as 100% Plumbing strove to meet clients ever diverse requirements and with plumbing and construction so closely connected it really does makes sense. You need a company that can handle both the bricks and mortar as well as the water!

There are many reasons people will take on a construction jobs in these difficult economic times; Perhaps it’s to create more space,  develop an underbuild for rental purposes or make improvements so that their property is more desirable and easier to sell. Whatever the case, 100% Construction offer an efficient and clean approach to building. It’s often forgotten that efficient execution and cleanliness during and after a job is a key part of customer satisfaction!

100% construction’s workforce are qualified, skilled builders all with considerable experience and familiar with the Spanish building systems. Quotes are detailed and fixed with most new contracts as a result of referrals. With the recommendations coming  from their many happy customers they must be doing something right!

Cost is always a factor with a building job and we’ve already mentioned fixed pricing. What is not common knowledge is that a lower rate of 10% IVA rather than the headline rate of 21% is available for certain building and reform work and this is certainly something worth checking out.

If you’re still unsure about your building contractor, call 100% Construction on 96 5835939 or visit the website  A friendly voice awaits to discuss any aspect and address any concerns.

Female FocusSave Money with 100% Plumbing

1st June 2011

After successful grant schemes for boilers, air conditioning and windows, you’d think that the savings possibilities from your plumber were all dried up. With 100% Plumbing, that’s just not the case.  Here are 3 more ways you can save real hard cash.

Firstly, if you have received what seems like an excessive water bill, this could be because of a leak. You could be literally wasting thousands of euros.  So what’s to be done.  Well of course we can locate and repair the leak with our sophisticated leak detection equipment – Mike’s detective brain! Beyond detection, we can provide a report which may well enable you to claim back a large part of your bill. And if you’re unsure how to go about this, we can handle the claim for you.

Secondly, if you have a Gas Tank and are paying more than 10€ a month for your tank rental, we can change you to a tank and supplier who will charge you less. And there’s no installation cost.  You save by paying for your gas in monthly installments, but buying in bulk! Furthermore, we are authorised agents and sop can handle any queries in English!

Finally, did you know that 100% Plumbing is one of the very few companies now able to service and recharge your air-con units since the new restrictions came into force. This may leave many people in a position where they can’t upgrade existing units, let alone service existing units. Sine we are fully qualified, we can do this for you, saving you the cost of having to replace your existing installation.

Oh, and one more thing, if you are a member of a club or society, check that we don’t offer a special membership discount, we’re surprised how many people don’t know about this!  If your club doesn’t, get on to the powers that be, and we can add you!

Visit where you can see the latest offers, sign up to receive our newsletter, and keep up to date with the ever changing legislation. Or simply call us on 96 583 5939

Female FocusPlan Renove

1st September 2011

Of the 1200.000 Euros set aside for grants with Plan Renove Aircon  the Valencian regional government have already paid 600.000€ to homeowners.

We did report that a grant was available for the exchange of one unit per household however AVEN are perfectly happy to subsidies one unit per person, even if the installation is for the same property. All you need is an NIE and current Passport to benefit.

The scheme came into effect on July 1st and is rapidly being taken up by those wanting to take advantage of a grant when replacing their old airconditioning units with new efficient and eco friendly models. Grants range from 150€-500€ and are calculated relative to the KW output of the unit to be swapped.

Airconditiong gasses cause great harm to the environment, with gas from a single charge equivalent to the emissions of an average family car for a year.

New units incorporate safer ( but not harmless ) forms of refrigerant and with this in mind restrictions have recently been put in place and as from 1st July only installers with “RITE” licence or a new “ Handling” qualification have been able to buy refrigerant.

If you re-charge your aircon unit every year (think of the harm your doing to the environment!!…..)  or if you are just looking to benefit from the energy saving potential of  a new aircon unit then contact 100% Plumbing for more information on 965835939.

But hurry with funds going fast there is not time to lose…….

Call our plumbing hotline: 965 835 939 for Air Conditioning on the Costa Blanca